The National Park Medical Center Emergency Department features state of the art equipment and an efficient patient throughput designed to create the best possible patient, physician and employee experience.

ERThe unit features:

25 Patient rooms including:

  • Multi-purpose Exam Rooms
  • Secure Patient Rooms
  • Specialized Trauma Rooms
  • Isolation Room
  • Decontamination Room

Each room is multi-functional for maximum efficiency and all feature cardiac monitoring. There is also an EMS Station for the convenience of Emergency Management Personnel and 3 Nursing Stations allowing for visualization of all patient rooms. The entire department is designed for efficiency in patient flow and an enhanced patient experience.

Trauma Rooms

The NPMC Emergency Department features 4 Specialized Trauma Rooms which feature:

ER Trauma

  • Specialized Trauma stretchers
  • Supplies stocked specifically for trauma cases 

Emergency department nurses are ACLS trained and prepared for Trauma cases.

Traumas treated may include:

  • Multi-system traumas such as injuries from vehicle accidents
  • Penetrating Injuries (gun shot or stabbing wounds)
  • Significant Falls
  • Secure Patient Rooms

The National Park Medical Center Emergency Department features 3 secure patient rooms ideal for psychiatric treatment patients. Secure rooms are designed to protect patients from harming themselves or others.

Secure Rooms feature:

  • Video monitoring
  • Drop-down wall to quickly convert room from standard patient care to secure
  • Rooms are appropriate for any age range

Nurses StationEmergency Department Exam Rooms

The NPMC Emergency Department includes 17 standard exam rooms, each divided into four pods. Some pods may also be used for Fast Track patients during peak hours.

One room is also an isolation room for patients with possible infectious diseases.

Exam rooms include a Cardiac Monitoring System to monitor all patient rooms, and they are also used by Emergency Department nurses for charting, documentation and referrals.

All Emergency Department Nurses are RNs trained for trauma and are ACLS and PALS certified.