Thanks an Employee

National Park Medical Center wants to give you the opportunity to share your story of excellent care. The form provided below can be your vehicle to thank an employee for their service. To show your appreciation for any caregiver, whether it was someone in dietary, housekeeping or the registrar who assisted with your admission, here is your chance to let them know you were thinking of them.

Simply enter your name, your email, and your telephone number, which is optional, and then type your message. If you can include the name of the recipient, or if you want to address it to a department, your message will be delivered.
Thanks for making someone’s day!

Please be aware that because these messages are emailed to employees who are mentioned, or are printed and then hand-delivered, we cannot guarantee privacy.  Because of this, and the fact that general Internet email is inherently not a secure form of communication, we highly recommend that you not communicate any information that is confidential or private in nature via this form.