Childbirth and Family Education

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Prepared Childbirth Class

Prepared Childbirth Class is a community education class provided by The Family Maternity Center at National Park Medical Center. The program provides comfort and peace of mind to women and their partners who are expecting a new baby. The class goes over various stages of pregnancy and infant care.

It is important that women, especially those delivering their first child, attend a childbirth class. The class will discuss relaxation techniques, support during labor, post-partum depression, delivery options, normal newborn development and baby care. In addition, a pediatrician speaks to each class with advice about caring for your new baby. A tour of the NPMC Labor and Delivery department is given during each class.

It is suggested that expecting mothers attend the childbirth class 2-3 months prior to the due date, so that the information stays fresh on the mind. But, new mothers at any stage are welcome to attend.

To register, call (501) 620-1402 or email or CLICK HERE to register online.

All classes are held on Saturdays beginning at 10:00 a.m. The one day class lasts approximately 4 hours. The Childbirth classes are taught by a Labor and Delivery nurse from NPMC and are held in the Maurice room at NPMC. Registration is required and the class is free for those delivering at NPMC.  All classes are held in the Maurice Room at National Park Medical Center from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on their respective days.

Sibling Class

This class is intended for new brothers and sisters to be. It is free and interested parties may call (501) 620-2705 or email for information or to register. Having a new baby in the family has a big effect on new brothers and sisters. From questions about holding a baby to feelings of jealousy toward the new addition to the family, National Park Medical Center’s Sibling Class provides a fun way for children to gain information about their new baby brother or sister.

Just like parents, siblings have questions about their new baby. So to help them prepare for their growing family, NPMC provides a preparation class for children ages 3-12 to learn big brother and sister basics. In addition, children will visit the women’s services unit, meet the nurses, and tour the labor & delivery room and nursery.

During the class, children will make a gift for their new sibling, design a personalized “Happy Birthday” card, watch a video about feelings and what to expect, take a tour of the Labor & Delivery Department where mommy will be and much more!

Classes are held on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 pm at National Park Medical Center in the Kass Room.  The class is free, but registration is required and space is limited. To register, call (501) 620-2705 or CLICK HERE to register online.